About The Wanderer

Joe Bukowski is a 36 year old writer who lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota’s Lowertown District with his dog (and travel partner Mugsy Bogues). He is a 2 time Dark Horse Comics Drink-And-Draw Pro Am winner for pieces featured at Wizard World Comic-Cons in both Portland and Chicago.

Currently attending Saint Cloud State for his M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Joe has set out to travel the world in hopes of connecting with and sharing in the passions of other cultures while visiting all 7 continents in the world.

Forever touched by the song “So Long, Astoria” Joe’s goal, along with this blog, were created to empower those around him to chase their life and pursue their true dreams to all ends, while never settling for a life with questions or curiosities left on the table.  What would happen if we all ‘found a map to buried treasure’?

These adventures are detailed in the blogs and writings listed here, with musical accompaniment of the music that has resonated throughout the adventure of saying “So Long Astoria” to Spin.The.Globe.